GS525A Smoke Detector

The GS525A smoke alarm uses photoelectric technology to detect smoke and fire, and has been tested to meet the UL217 standard. It also comes with an IR communication feature that allows you to expand its capabilities to include carbon monoxide detection, escape lights, voice alerts, wireless interconnection, and more.

  • Uses advanced photoelectric sensors for quick and accurate smoke detection.
  • Battery operated alarm provides 24-hour protection even during power outages.
  • Provides 10 years of enduring protection and sends a prompt signal when it's time for replacement.
  • Allows for weekly testing to ensure optimal performance and peace of mind.
Sale price$18.99 USD

Quantity: 1-Pack


Model Number


Power Source

DC 3V (built-in)

Comply with Standard


Alarm Volume

> 85dB(A) @ 10ft

Low Voltage Threshold

DC 2.7V±0.1V