GS517 Hardwired Connected Smoke Alarm

Our smoke alarm, certified by UL217, uses a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from slow smoldering fires. This detector is eco-friendly and free of radioactive materials. It comes with a loud 85dB(A) buzzer that can be heard within 10ft and a red indicator light alarm. Plus, battery backup provides uninterrupted protection during power outages.

  • With a photoelectric sensor, this alarm is highly sensitive to detecting smoke from slow-burning smoldering fires.
  • The smoke detector can integrate with up to 12 compatible devices for extended coverage.
  • Battery backup provides continuous protection during power outages.
  • Test/Silence button for easy testing to ensure the detector is functioning properly.
  • Eco-friendly and free of radioactive materials for safe use in any home.
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One Sounds, All Sound

Wired Interconnection for Stable Protection

Up to 12 alarms are supported for wired interconnection, which allows more corners in the house to be protected from fire threats. Under such protection, all alarms connected will sound if one of them has any threats detected.

Powered by 120V AC with 9V DC Battery Back Up

Continue to keep you safe even if the house loses power.


Model Number


Power Source

AC 120V/60Hz with DC 9V battery backup

Comply with Standard

UL217&CAN/ ULC-S531

Alarm Volume

>85dB(A) @ 3 meters

Hush Time

approx 8 minutes