GS845 AC Powered Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The GS845A-H01 is an AC powered plug-in carbon monoxide alarm that use advanced electronic components and Electrochemical CO Sensor technology to protect you and your family from the dangers of CO. It features a loud 85dB alarm that can be heard clearly from up to 10 feet away.

  • Detects dangerous CO levels with an electrochemical sensor, offering protection against CO poisoning.
  • When near its end of life, this alarm will beep loudly and flash red to remind you to replace it.
  • Easy to install, just plug it into any standard AC outlet for instant protection.
  • With a backup battery, this detector provides continuous protection even during power outages.
Sale price$49.99 USD

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Just plug it into any standard AC outlet and you're good to go. No need to hire an electrician or deal with complicated wiring. Plus, the foldable plug makes it convenient to carry and place anywhere you need it.

End-of-Life Alerts

With a loud beep and flashing red light, our end-of-life warning system ensures you're always in the know and can keep your family protected without any added stress or worry.


Model Number


Sensor Type


Product Life

10 Years

Supply Voltage

AC120V / 60Hz & DC 3V

Battery Back-up