GS886 Smoke & CO Combo Alarm

The GS886 smoke alarm uses photoelectric and electrochemical sensor to detect smoke and CO, and has been tested to meet the UL standard. In the event of an alarm, the device will provide a voice alert to notify users of the specific danger detected.

  • Uses advanced photoelectric and electrochemical sensors for quick and accurate smoke and CO detection.
  • Provides clear and specific human voice warnings for different types of dangers.
    Provides 10 years of enduring protection and sends a prompt signal when it's time for replacement.
  • Easy to use in a single-station setup and requires no pairing or connecting to other devices.
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Quantity: 1 Pack

Protection Upgraded with Higher Accuracy

Combo alarm GS886 is developed with dual emitter sensing technology that detects smoke through rays at two different wavelengths and distinguishes fire threats from confusions caused by cooking moisture, dust and insects, etc. This detector is designed to minimize nuisance alarms.

Self-Check for Better Protection

This alarm is self-check enabled to ensure the precision of the sensor, identify low battery levels, and therefore guarantee the device's performance and the family's protection, which would play a key role in case we forget to test the alarm manually.

Humanized Alarm Design

Voice alarm to awake sleeping children more effectively
3-color LED indicator of working status for clearer information
SMART HUSH Control to help reduce noise temporarily from known nuisance alarms


Model Number


Sensor Type

Smoke: Photoelectric type 
Carbon monoxide: Electrochemical type

Comply with Standard

EN 14604 
 UL 217:2015 Ed.8; CAN/ULC S531:2019 Ed.4; 
UL 2034:2017 Ed.4; CSA 6.19:2017 Ed.2

Main Power


Battery Lifetime

More than 1 year