GS886F Hardwired Interconnected Combo Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The GS886F Smoke&CO Alarm uses photoelectric and electrochemical sensors to quickly and accurately detect smoke and CO, and meets UL standards. It offers wireless interconnectivity for up to 12 alarms. In the event of an alarm, the device will provide a voice alert to notify users of the specific danger detected.

  • Uses advanced photoelectric and electrochemical sensors for quick and accurate smoke and CO detection.
  • Provides clear and specific human voice warnings for different types of dangers.
    Battery backup provides continuous protection during power outages.
  • Wireless interconnect lets this smoke alarm link with up to 12 other alarms for whole-home protection.
Sale price$45.99 USD

Quantity: 1-Pack

One Sounds, All Sound

Optional Wireless Connection Feature

Both wired and wireless interconnection among the alarms are supported, yet the built-in RF module is requested for the wireless option. Up to 12 detectors are supported for wired (wireless) interconnection, which allows more corners in the house to be protected from fire threats.

Humanized Alarm Design

The alarm uses three methods of beep sound alarm, LED indicator alarm and voice alarm. The design of the alarm fully considers the needs and preferences of users, allowing users to make a clearer quick decision on the real-time status of the alarm in emergencies.

Protection Upgraded with Higher Accuracy

Dual emitter sensing technology to minimize cooking nuisance alarm.


Model Number


Power Source

AC 120V/60Hz with DC 9V battery backup

Comply with Standard

UL217&CAN/ ULC-S531

Alarm Volume

>85dB(A) @ 3 meters

Hush Time

approx 8 minutes