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Siterwell Debuts at the 2024INTERSEC Dubai Safety Protection Exhibition

On January 16, Setwell joined hands with UL SOLUTIONS to appear at the 2024INTERSEC Dubai Security/Fire Protection Exhibition. Company consultant Jagdish and Oceania regional manager Wang Zhen conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with new and old customers on behalf of the company to further understand customer needs and industry trends. New products, new technologies, and new trends provide Siterwell with a clear goal direction for deeply exploring the market, keeping up with the market, and seizing the market.

As Siterwell's first exhibition in 2024, the Oceania marketing team will take this exhibition as an opportunity to demonstrate excellent business capabilities, keep a close eye on performance goals, further promote Siterwell's brand and products, and strive for rich value results for the company. We believe that through close cooperation and unremitting efforts, Siterwell will achieve greater breakthroughs and growth in the Oceania market and provide customers with excellent products and services. Let us look forward to a wonderful start to the new year together!


From Siterwell Team

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