Siterwell Granted Level 2 Laboratory Accreditation under Intertek 'Satellite Program'

Recently, Siterwell achieved a significant milestone as the internationally renowned inspection and certification body, Intertek UK, granted Siterwell the world's inaugural Level 2 laboratory accreditation under the 'Satellite Program'! This honor signifies Siterwell's substantial recognition within the industry, enhancing the brand's credibility, market competitiveness, and furthering its global outreach.

What's Intertek UK and the 'Satellite Program'?

Intertek UK stands among the world's leading inspection and certification bodies. The accreditation awarded to Siterwell's laboratory facilities, technical capabilities, and systematic management represents the utmost recognition. The 'Satellite Program' introduced by Intertek UK seamlessly integrates speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and certification marks into a cohesive data accreditation plan. Through this initiative, Intertek provides clients with test reports based on accredited in-house laboratory test data, facilitating better control over the product testing and certification process, thus expediting certification speed. Attaining the Intertek UK 'Satellite Program' laboratory accreditation not only showcases Siterwell's high-level competence within the industry but also promises a positive impact on the development and market launch pace of our new products, enabling us to swiftly introduce top-quality products to the market and deliver superior service to our clientele.

About Our Laboratory:

Siterwell boasts a testing laboratory covering an area of over 2,000 square meters, with a total investment exceeding 100 million RMB. Equipped with various top-tier industry devices, a professional management team, and technical experts, the laboratory operates under the CNAS management system, incorporating international industry standards. It is capable of independently conducting conformity assessment of products, commissioned testing, engineering trial production, mass production trials, random inspections on bulk goods, institutional submissions for inspection, and material testing for safety and performance.


Since the completion of Siterwell's witness laboratory construction, it has obtained CNAS laboratory accreditation, as well as witness testing qualifications from TÜV, SGS, and Intertek. TÜV, SGS, and Intertek are internationally recognized certification bodies, renowned globally for their professionalism, quality, and integrity. Their comprehensive testing and certification of Siterwell's witness laboratory concerning quality, environment, safety, risk, health, business continuity, and social responsibility, signify authorization. This marks the equivalence of Siterwell's witness laboratory test data to that issued by international laboratories, effectively shortening project testing cycles.

In recent years, Siterwell has accelerated its diversification with technological innovation as its backbone. Presently, Siterwell has evolved into a diversified, technology-driven innovative industrial group. The establishment of the laboratory system not only ensures the quality assurance of 'Siterwell-produced' items but also signifies an important step for Siterwell, representing China's manufacturing prowess in mastering research and development discourse. In the future, Siterwell will continue to leverage innovation, crafting top-tier laboratories, and providing leading testing capabilities and comprehensive services in the global smart security field, contributing to the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing.


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