SITERWELL Gains National Honor - "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise"

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office officially released the "Announcement on the Assessment Results of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises in 2023". Siterwell Electronics Co., Ltd. was on the list and successfully won the honorary title of "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise".

"National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" is the highest honor and evaluation given by the state to an enterprise's intellectual property management work. It indicates that the enterprise has the strategic management concept of intellectual property and has comprehensive development of intellectual property creation, application, protection, and management capabilities. , the comprehensive competitive advantage of intellectual property rights is outstanding, and it has a certain influence and benchmarking role in the industry.

As the world's leading security company, Siterwell has been deeply involved in the security field for 13 years, focusing on product research and development and innovation. It has a number of domestic and foreign patents and industry-first technologies, and its invention patent authorization rate has always been at the leading level in the industry. Every technological innovation, every patent application and protection, finally condenses into the highest honor at this moment.
Thanks Mr. You and all the R&D Center for their contribution to intellectual property work!


From Siterwell Team

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