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SITERWELL: The first Chinese member of the Smoke Detector/CO Alarm UL Standardization Committee

First-rate companies set standards, second-rate companies make brands, and third-rate companies make products. If you want to be a first-class company, you must become a standard setter.

In the global safety industry, UL is one of the few certification bodies in the world with the ability to formulate standards, firmly occupying a leading position in the field of fire safety services. The Standards Technical Committee is an important part of the UL Standards and Cooperation Department's process of formulating and maintaining its standards. Its purpose is to review proposals related to UL standards and provide early opinions. Current members include Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, and other top companies in the European and American security industry.

But Siterwell reopened the situation. On October 10, 2023, Siterwell received China's first UL 217/UL 2034 Standards Technical Committee Member Certificate issued by UL Standards & Engagement, a world-renowned safety testing and certification organization. The certification ceremony was held at 2023 CHINA-FIRE in Beijing. The exhibition was held on-site at the UL Solutions booth. Jessie Guo, regional standards manager of UL Standards & Engagement, issued the letter of appointment. Karine Johnfroe, global vice president and general manager of UL Solutions' built environment, witnessed the ceremony. Wang Jiejun, chairman of Siterwell, and You Shixi, chief technical engineer of Sitewell, attended the certification ceremony.

UL217/UL2034 Standard Technical Committee Certificate

UL is one of the most credible testing and certification organizations in the world, and the addition of Siterwell is a milestone. As the first Chinese member company of the UL Standards Technical Committee, Siterwell will participate in the proposal, revision, discussion, and voting of multiple standards in the field of household smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms together with European and American security giant brands, and will have one vote on the committee's major decisions.

Decryption: Why Setwell?

Siterwelll possesses leading core technologies in the security field in my country and even the world, and its current global production and sales have risen to third place in the world.

In terms of industry-standard construction, Siterwell has participated in the preparation of national and world-class standards many times. As an important member of the CSA Connection Standards Alliance, Sitewell has been participating in and promoting the implementation of products that support the latest Matter protocol since the formulation of the Matter standard. At the same time, as an outstanding enterprise in the domestic security field, it was invited by the Shenyang Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management to deeply participate in the preparation of national alarm standards as the main drafting unit.

In terms of R&D and application of core technologies, Siterwell recruits high-level talents and currently has four R&D centers in Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi'an, as well as the industry's largest R&D team of 100 people. We also actively communicate with many senior American UL technical experts, continue to invest in research and development, and develop applications in many fields.

In terms of professional and technical achievements, after 13 years of accumulation, Siterwell has been highly recognized by CCTV platforms and industry authorities many times and has won many national awards such as the Red Dot Award, IF Design Award, IDEA Design Award, Stiwa Test Award, and ETM Test Award. and industry-level honorary awards. Up to now, Satewell has obtained more than 200 patented technologies and has passed the tests of many authoritative certification agencies around the world. It has accumulated more than 700 product certifications, ranking first in the industry in terms of number.

It is precisely because of the recognition of Sitewell's product quality, scientific research technology, production and manufacturing capabilities, and other aspects that it has been tested at all levels. It is an honor to become the first Chinese member of the UL217/UL2034 standard technical committee. As an outstanding representative of Chinese security companies, Siterwell will bring better fire safety products, continue to make Chinese voices heard, and tell Chinese stories well.


From Siterwell Team




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